we stay the fuck together.


Don’t pull away from me now

13,923 plays Marianas Trench Song Teaser



Still not over this tbh

mymontagues asked:
The person that posted the Desperate Measures video much rather prefers if you reblog her link. She messaged me about having reblogged it from someone else before patrickstumpkoala(.)tumblr(.)com/post/88654530125/warning-audio-is-bad-cant-do-much-about-it

Thanks for the warning. I’ll just remove it. x

“Try a little more, little more, little more. They slap you like a bitch & you take it like a whore. Upside down & around & around. Just another piece ‘til you need another sound.

Pre-Show Ritual 

Say Anything - Marianas Trench (Live @ The Roxy)