nebulasgoodvibes asked:
THE VIDEO SUCKS it is full of naked women, mike being awkward about it, josh sticking his tongue out a glitter and alcohol mess.

Admittedly, not their best video. I agree that there’s probably a bit too many naked ladies, but I wouldn’t say it all-out sucked. It’s hard to follow up behind something like “By Now," you know? It’s supposed to parody popular music videos that are out now. I just don’t think that came through 100%. Just my opinion. 


its been 15 minutes and pop 101 still isn’t available in my region


Set Descriptions from the Pop 101 Call Sheet

Annnnnnd I can’t access the Much site for the video. As soon as someone has it uploaded to YouTube, please let me know!

Push - Marianas Trench // April 12, 2013

I love when they do throwbacks. 

castiel-official asked:
I love you and your blog and I'm so mad at myself for not finding you faster. I can't even begin to thank you for this. I just love you.

awwww thanks, friend! welcome to the fymt fam. hope you’ll stick around :)